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young life is not a cult!
guy 1: hey, lets go to younglife
guy 2: oh, okay!
by Gangsta January 23, 2005
To Fat Jon something is to place something into your person orally, then, when you extricate the said object, you pick the item out of the feces and place it back in the mouth. Repeat.
Ugh! Bob loved that curly fry sooo much he Fat Jonned it!
by Gangsta March 7, 2005

by Gangsta March 13, 2003
To annoy the hell out of someone with questions.
girl-"who you was with last night? who you think you is?" boy-"yo, girl, quit strattonizing me!"
by Gangsta April 23, 2003
He is bangal man
(Only applies to Bengal or Indian)
by Gangsta September 17, 2003
Is a street name for cocain. Comes from movie Scarface.
by Gangsta February 24, 2005
1. Skanky mothas that need to clean between their legs.
2.When two people are tight and are the coolest people in the world they say "bitches n'hoes" ( off of the movie 'jay and silent bob strike back' )
1.Hey grace whad up?
2.Bitches n' hoes nigga!
1. Word.
by Gangsta October 30, 2004