Somebody who is blessed with the gift of being able to soldier on through intercourse to ejaculation with a flaccid penis.
'That feels floppy to me, are you going to flaccid warrior all the way?'
by RsTUltimatum March 6, 2015
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1)To have your manly meat spear fail at the precise moment it is needed.

2)To not be soft, but not hard enough for sexual intercourse.

3)To lose faith, and to not lose your virginity.

This is a pun on the phrase "rolled on impact"
Brian: Yeah, I would have totally pounded her last night, but I went flaccid on impact.
by klaus__ August 23, 2008
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Similar to the use of the word "pussy" as an insult, "flaccid penis" is a more appropriate term for backing out of important decisions and events due to fear.
Him: I really want to ask this girl out, but I don't know if I can
Her: Don't be a flaccid penis! Go for it!
by FightingOneFP-AtA-TimeAJ April 23, 2018
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When one decides to make a dance move that is easier then "dabbing" because we all know the dab is dead, then creates a movement of energy and passion resulting in positivity for everyone. Be cautious when hitting the flaccid unicorn this could result in a very good time and smiles you might end up shitting rainbows and glitter but it's for people who love to live dangerously because let's be real guys staying flaccid is a state of mind. It's rare to spot a unicorn already but to have seen a flaccid unicorn or have been next to one you truly are blessed and great things can only come your way!
Whalon has some awesome dance moves! He just hit the flaccid unicorn! I feel honored to have witnessed him hit the flaccid unicorn
by FlaccidUnicorm November 5, 2016
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When your penis is soft, or you do not have an erection.
"Oh my god, his dick was so soft, but it was the biggest flaccid wang I have ever seen!"
by bungmaster69 May 28, 2015
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The cum that ejaculates shortly after a ruined orgasm or other penis deflating event. This phenomenon is described as one of the most discomforting experience for many.
Person 1: Yo dude, I heard you fucked Sarah!
Peson 2: Yeah bro, but she bit my dick right before I came so she got my flaccid acid.
by Ya boi flaccidacid October 7, 2018
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When a man who suffers from erectile dysfunctions who cannot afford viagra attemps to have sex with his soft (flaccid) penis.
Tyler was laid off and therefore can not afford viagra so he has to flaccid fuck Abby until he seeks employment.
by Pizza Dawg January 23, 2012
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