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Or Games Retarded.

A conglomeration of the words Games and suprisingly, Retard. A Gamestard is someone who, for no reason simply fails at all video or computer games.

This phrase is well linked to sportstard, as the original sportstard can't play games for shit either.
Nick Potter - Has completed one game in his entire life, which is "Warioland" on the Gameboy. The original Gamestard
by klaus__ August 23, 2008
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1)To have your manly meat spear fail at the precise moment it is needed.

2)To not be soft, but not hard enough for sexual intercourse.

3)To lose faith, and to not lose your virginity.

This is a pun on the phrase "rolled on impact"
Brian: Yeah, I would have totally pounded her last night, but I went flaccid on impact.
by klaus__ August 23, 2008
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1) To be a complete and utter prick and to regale near death stories in an attempt to gain poontang in a foreign country.

2) A phrase one utters when regaling a dangerous story and one is immediately saved without reason.

Also see flaccid on impact
1) Prick: I jumped off a cliff this high once - I would have broken every bone in my body, but it was OK because I rolled on impact.
Lady friend: Really? Take me now!

2) Person 1: What if this bus drove off this cliff into that huge fiery chasm below?
Person 2: Oh, it'll be alright - we'll just roll on impact.
by klaus__ August 23, 2008
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