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someone who has great potenial to be a falure.
fitzer originally comes from Fitzpatrick, fitz etc
the majority are ging who tend to try and rap.alot of the time can run into accounts of a fuzzy elmo, a small few of the fitzer community set up a club known as proof utd. which involves a number of fitzer joining together to disscuss their mothers. fiterz can be compared to simon cowell, brad pitt or george michael.
boy1: here buddy, pass the tv remote please?

boy2; no man, its my remote.we're watching what i put on, alrite man.

boy1;dont be like that your such a fitzer.
by sheamas o'hulliaghan September 28, 2009
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This word comes from the ancient Australian word meaning cunt face.
More commonly used as a surname.

Can also be traced back to the Bum bandits of island. (patrick fits Michael, but michael is too big to fit patrick)
Hi Chris. You Fitzer
by Garage Vibes September 21, 2017
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