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n 1: a monotheistic system of beliefs and practices based on up-to-the-elbow ass fisting and the teachings of the Christosaur as embodied in the Scripts of the Gouche and emphasizing the role of the Christosaur as savior syn: Fistianity, Fistian religion 2: the collective body of Fistians throughout the world and history (found predominantly in Fistralia and Fistonia); "for a thousand years the RoMAN CatHOLEic Church was the principal church of Fistendom"
I couldn't fist past my wrist so I gave myself to fistianity and now I can make it around the corner.
by Selur Natas September 12, 2004
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noun; A monotheistic religion with its primary focus upon the magical color changing ogre Fist. It is believed Fist came from the heavens wielding his mighty hammer and created the solar system as we know it today. For his actions Fist was cast from the heavens and is currently walking the Earth in a mortal coil to eventually enact his vengeance for his exile.

Four demi-goddesses also are widely renowned in Fistianity. They are Petal, Awry, Radnor and Eliel, they are Fist's wives. Each one resembles a pool of power granted to them by Fist before his banishment. It is prophesized that these four shall ultimately regrant Fist his godlike powers.

Followers referred to as Fistians.
"Did you say you were a Christian?"

"No I follow Fistianity, I'm actually a Fistian."
by Fist Shattermountain February 15, 2010
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