1. to enter a body cavity (ie vagina or ass) with one's hand. upon entry the hand is often curled into a fist and repeatedly twisted and thrust in and out of the cavity at different paces and forces. while pleasurable to some, this activity usually results in great pain and is greatly avoided my most.

2. disbelief. due to the uncomfortable connotations of the activity listed in 1, can be used to describe one's outrage or disbelief of a situation.
1. Markus cried out in pain as Tyrell, the prison gang leader, rammed his hand nearly elbow deep as he fist fucked his very tight ass.

2. Upon hearing the news that Ann Coulter was actually a man, Michael Moore explained, "you've gotta be fist fucking me! She told me she was using a strapon."
by polymerase January 10, 2006
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The art of putting your hand up the anal or vaginal canal.
Tom lubricated his hand and fore arm and slowly started fist fucking Johns ass hole, till Tom's arm was buried nearly to His elbow up Johns insides. Tom's repeated fist fucking of Johns hole gave John extreme orgasms.
by Pig Boy Polo May 30, 2006
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how to fist fuck: 1st get boy and girl and girl must spread legs and relax boy must wet hand now u must put one finger in at a time then when u get to ur nuckels thats the hardest part u must tell girl to relax and puss ur hand in hard then whill in pussy make a fist wit hur hand and move up and down very fast
by Anonymous May 4, 2003
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a girl must be calm as the male takes his hand and curls it into a fist then with his tounge he is going to lick the rim of the girls pussy for a easy slidein then he puts his fist in and moves it in and our really fast to satisfye the girl.
wow!you sure can fist really good
by unknown October 3, 2004
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to insert a fist into someones pussy or ass
by Bob October 6, 2003
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A term used by trent reznor in the song Wish by nine inch nails
gotta listen to your big time hard line bad luck fist fuck
by Nonya Buisness June 17, 2009
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What the politicians try to do too us every day.
This measure is vital to the national interest.............and it will not hurt them (the scum such as you and i)........to much
by paul March 5, 2005
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