A guy who successfully "fishes" for women. He is usually incredibly powerful and exudes confidence.
That guy sitting next to Rosalina is a huge fisherman.
by FrenchOnion September 27, 2018
A guy who repeatedly reels a woman in and then throws her back because he's scared shitless of commitment. The fisherman flys his line, hooks the fish and then sets her free, only to fly his line again in the hopes of catching another. Akin to the jerk, a fisherman enjoys the conquest but can't handle the prize.
Karen's boyfriend keeps jerking her around, he's such a fucking fisherman.
by Raker February 3, 2006
A fisherman is not someone who fishes but someone who is very intelligent and uses his mind to fish out ideas or other concepts to analyze it and use it for his own uses.
Don't bother trying to change his mind, he's a fisherman.

There are many other fishermen in the world.
by Georgejr6 December 22, 2008
a person who explores Craigslist ads to satisfy the desires of strangers. A Fisherman may venture through Craigslist for human contact, money, writing material, or, as is most common, pure intrigue
"Wait, what? You're gonna meet up with a furry this weekend?"
"Yeah, I'm a fisherman. "
by CampbellsTomatoSoup December 24, 2015
They are sweet,kind, and caring.They love to ramble and jump from subject to subject a mile a minute.They are slow to anger,they are loyal people and like deep conversations.They are unique.They are bubbly sometimes.They are helpful and are there if you need them to be.They worry about their future and try to plan it in advance even though there are always curve balls thrown at you, their words have power and meaning and they are calm and calming to talk/text to, they are extroverted, intuitive,feeling, and perceiving.They are understanding.They love to talk about books.All around they are amazing while they have their flaws they embrace them not hide from them.
Dang, they are so amazing they must be a fisherman.
by SkyBlu 2.0 July 16, 2020
A pillar of the Community. May be male or female. May come from any walk of Life.
Person 1: Are you a fisherman?
Person 2: No, officer, I'm just a cat.
by RyanFNation September 25, 2018