the correct way of spelling/saying fish as in the plural.
Person 1: OMG I can not believe that JASON dumped ME?!
Person 2: Oh well, there is plenty fishes in the sea.
by Rianon February 19, 2018
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"Fuck It Shit Happens"... Similar to "YOLO"
I was kind of upset when she broke up with me but then i realized FISH!
by tittyLicker August 24, 2012
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Fish” is a term that originated from poker. The term “fish” describes a player who is new to the game and gets taken advantage of by the other players. They are scared to put too much money at risk, but they like to play a lot of hands. Once they call initially, it is easy for a good player to push them out of a hand with a large bet. Everybody loves to have a fish at their table.
That was the most profitable game ever. That fish was basically handing me his chips!
by Csal May 05, 2011
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A common replacement for the f-word, or just any curse word in general.
Ah! Fish! It's mauling me!

Stop fishing mauling me!
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To take out from a body of water an animal or thing.

Fishing is an old man's sport. Bass fishing is a pseudo sport but is cool for video games. Go fish is a card game.
I fish sometimes. The thigh high boots and fishing poles are so fabulous. Anyways I'd drop my contact lens into the water and wind up fishing for those.
by sukebe December 15, 2006
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