firehose - propaganda delivered quickly, repetitively and continuously in high quantities via multiple channels, with no commitment to objective reality. (Defined by C. Paul and M. Matthews for Rand Corporation in "The Russian 'Firehose of Falsehood' Propaganda Model")
Over the past three months, the administration has continued firehose, making numerous false claims about the press and repeating assertions clearly proven untrue.
by Wilmosprey August 31, 2018
The man annals the woman and after a period of time spits on her back. The woman, thinking that he has ejaculated his manly fluids turns to face the man. The man then ejaculates his manly fluids for REAL and sprays all over her pretty face. She is now either turned on or extremely pissed off.
I firehosed Nico's mum last night it was hilarious.
by Sir Wank Alot September 15, 2009
1 n. A length of nylon and vinyl used by firefighters to transmit water from a hydrant to the site of a fire
2 n. A young man in Cincinnati, Ohio whose prowess for drinking is legendary amongst the youth
3 v. To projectile vomit a ridiculous amount
1) Say Sgt. Petaki, hand me that firehose.
2) Firehose just did three cases and a 750 of 151. Jesus tittyfucking Christ
3) The party was going great until Chip firehosed on Lauren.
by PrdgyFrstrtr March 17, 2006
wanting anal so rough that it feels like your ass is being hosed down with the force of a fire hose
"last night, I was firehosing Jackie so hard that her shit went back into her small intestine"
by bj69420 February 22, 2019
When having sex, and about to bust nut, you pull out and explode your semen all over her body, as if you had just shot her with a firehose.
"I was fucking this girl last night and she said that I could finish anywhere so at the last second I pulled out and firehosed her in the face
by Firehoser March 31, 2014
A particularly powerful liquid shit, guaranteed to change the colour of your toilet in seconds. Splashback is common.
George: You left for the bathroom last night and didn't return for 5 hours, whats up?
Joe: Ah man, I shouldn't have had that Chicken tikka massala from that corner shop in Hull the other day. I completely firehosed my toilet. I felt like a cat crawled inside my colon, threw up, then died.
George: I'm trying to eat here. Must you be so graphic? Cock.
by banterbus32 October 14, 2009
A member of the closed Facebook group "American Mensa Firehouse". Thanks to its policy of no moderation, the discussions tend to be lively and as mentioned in the group's description, sometimes "make you wish you could bleach your brain".
Go ahead. Post it. We're all firehosers here.
by Mister Andre April 13, 2017