1. An urban dance style originally started in Cali that became a nation wide phenomena over night.Crews name themselves after pop culture references and frequently call each other out over Youtube videos.

One can wear anything when jerkin. Some crews prefer skinny jeans and brightly colored clothing.It is predominatly a male dance- though some females have been known to jerk.

During the videos, one can see a large amount of wherever the jerkers are as they seem to dance any and everywhere which has added to jerkins overall appeal.

Special jerkin music is used but you can jerk to anything if you want.

different examples in this

Random kid: my dude i hear niggas be talkin bout jerkin battles

Random kid: they aint never seen it like this before. it's gonna be a jerk-off after school
by Dr.Jerky and Mr. Hyde April 24, 2009
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a dance that began in los angeles

began in 2008
1: what dance is that?
2: dudes jerkin'
by dgarrard87 March 9, 2009
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A faggot ass dance for dudes who like to talk shit and wear tight jeans.
You see that busta jerkin.
by Dark Realist July 30, 2009
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The latest form of dancing to R&B where the dancer does a move similar to the Running Man, only backwards; putting the heels back and sliding them forward alternately. Usually done on the beat and tempo to the song "You're A Jerk" by New Boyz. Considered a bit of a hard feat for some, but can be accomplished with practice. Not recommended for shoes with a grip that is too good.
Dude, Mike was jerkin' at the party last night and got a bunch of chicks!
by iRockSkinnies July 28, 2009
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a stupid dance fad thatll go away soon. literally its a dance for homos since they wear tight ass jeans, bright ass colors like theyre repping gay pride, and bending and dipping, which looks really gay. jerkin takes no skill since its the 10 same moves over & over again. if you want to see a REAL dance, look at B-boyin, cwalkin, turfin, etc.
Typical Average Person:Is he gay? hes wearing skinny jeans and bright colors
Jerker:naww ima jerker, now watch me jerk
Typical Average Person:you look really gay. and why is your dance named after somthing you do while watching porn?
Jerker:naw buhd im jerkin, dis betta than bboying, turfin and cwalkin
Bboy:look at this faggot, lets pound this faggot with some real dances. faggot ass think youre better than us
Cwalker:fuck yeah
Turfer:lets beast on this mothaphuka
by Shit Bobba April 25, 2010
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Its a new dance that came from california.It uses alot of bending and foot working.Jerkin is formilar mostly in california .Usallay in the North East when you ask a person they will maybe call you gay because they might think of the other jerkin with a dick.Many people makes crews and compete to each others
Its a dance jerkin
by yungswagger1o1 June 14, 2009
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a new dance style of 2009 that originated in california. the dance is still only done in california. the most popular song to "jerk" to is your a jerk by the new boyz.
people usually combine the reject dance (east side step), dippin, and the reject with it.

ps.... i can jerk! lol
keshia: "is there a party 2day? cuz i wanna jerk!"

devon: "yea there is one and dont worry there will be jerkin music there for u to jerk to."
by jerkingurl808 May 9, 2009
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