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The oil and grime that collects on objects due to being touched repeatedly. Most noticeable on polished surfaces.

Derived from the cheese left on fingers while eating Cheetos that gets on everything you touch if not cleaned off fully.
"Ugh... I can't use your keyboard, the keys are covered in finger cheese!"

"No! Wash your hands before you touch my black DS Lite! I don't want your finger cheese on it!"
by Xynn December 03, 2007
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The act of preforming a fingercheese on someone else. To preform a fingercheese, you simply hold a finger of choice under the victims nose. Then you ask, "Does fingercheese?" as quickly as possible. You are only required to remove the finger if the victim A)-says, "finger does cheese"; or B)-smells the finger in question.
Person 1: Hey there.
Person 2: Hey. *puts finger under Person 1's nose* does fingercheese?
Person 1: Finger does cheese./*person 1 smells finger*
by trikkyman007 December 28, 2007
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