1.All american cheerleader, surfer girl, girl next door type. Usually these girls dont like other girls and tend to have drama at work. No education level is needed. Girls are between the ages of 18 to sometimes really old. More often than not, these girls are tipped shitty because of the skeezy white trash customers that it attracts. Girls are to appear big breasted and thin or else they are ridiculed by the other girls that they work with.

2. Common job for a college female student who has a little more respect for themselfs than to strip.

3. Girl that dresses in a skimpy little outfit consisting of orange shorts, a lycra top, panty hoes, socks, and tennis shoes. Stepping stone for stripper.
White trash customer: Man them Hooters girls is hot! She deserves the entire dollar this time.
by Hooters specialist May 14, 2007
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Scrawny sluts that are like cheerleaders, but unlike cheerleaders at least they are nice enough to smile when they bring me my food. They got bodies made of plastic.
The Hooters Girl might as well be called a "Barbie Doll" all that fake jelly she's totin'...
by nikkan_hanil December 14, 2003
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guy1: let's go see some hooters girls
guy2: hell yeah! helen weng is the hottest!
by Helen June 7, 2003
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The amount of time a Hooters Girl is single and available as a dating prospect. Usually measured in milliseconds.
Guy 1: "Did you hear? Dawn the Hooters Girl is Single!"
Guy 2: "Forget it. That information is at least 10 minutes old. The Hooters Girl Opportunity Window on that one closed."
by bobandbill July 12, 2011
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a set of immature backstabbing girls, who wear drag queen makeup and tease men with shorts way up their ass.

While having baby daddies on the side doing the grunt work, or they have done an abortion instead so they can keep doing their dissatisfying jobs.
Today's future has changed the maturing process in the worst of ways, I mean just go see the denton hooters girls and see for yourself.
by see through my eyes March 8, 2016
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