A Swedish word, pronounced feekah. It is when you eat e.g. a sweet cake, cookie or even regular sandwich, normally with some kind of beverage. Preferably coffee or tea, but any form of soda is commonly accepted!

This phenomenon is mostly popular amongst teenagers, but there's no doubt whatsoever that older OR younger people than teenagers can "fika". And there is nothing that hinders you from "fikaing" at home, with your home-made cookies or coffee! It's just that it's more common that younger people use the word "Fika", when they practice this in local coffee-shops and such. It's a way of getting together with friends, workmates, a date, etc, chatting in a relaxed kind of way

Another definition is simply just having coffee or tea, but this does not complete the picture of what "fika" can be.

The word is, as you may have figured out, a noun and adjective at the same time. Let me just show you how we use the word in the swedish language (but i use the english words to show what context it is in).

The following are the Swedish inflections partially integrated with english grammar, which I advice english speaking people to use in the English language!

Inflections entirely used with english grammar only distorts the word, and what actually sounds like.

It is not hard to learn these inflections, even if they are indifferent to real english grammar. Just fika regularly, you will learn pretty fast!
Would you like to take a Fika? f i* k a*
I "fikade" last friday! f i* k a* d e*
Have you ever "Fikat"? f i* k a* t
I am "fikaing"! f i* k a* i* n g

i* - (sp>ee<d)
a* - (>a<nother)
e* - (h>e<nce)
by HannesFury October 13, 2006
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The Swedish social gathering of drinking coffee and eating pastries such as cookies, cake, and the like. It is not the drinking of coffee that is important, but the social aspect. This is the equivalent of meeting friends for coffee at a coffee shop, but often it takes place at homes - in kitchens or gardens depending on the season. Often times, there will be one or more Fika break(s) during the work day where co-workers can relax, have coffee, and socialize before going back to working on their individual tasks.
"We're having Fika at 10:00 AM."
"Would you like to come to our house for Fika tonight?"
by Koekichan October 10, 2018
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The act of drinking a hot (or cold) beverage while ingesting some sort of pastry or dessert at a café or bistro of various setups. Fika can describe either the act alone or the gathering of two or more people to perform said act. Further more it can also describe the items being ingested during said act. Originally a Swedish word now making its way around the world.
I'm feeling peckish, let's have some fika!

Hey guys, do you want to meet up and fika?
by MrPumpernickel August 15, 2005
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Swedish fika => not your average darkside cookies.
Let's fika!
Did you enjoy the fika yesterday?
I brought some fika.
by ArlingtonGrrl January 22, 2019
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To stop for a moment, look around, and enjoy the good things in life. It originated in Sweden, so it's a Swedish word. Many people find it very pretty.
I just want to take a fika to myself for a little while.
by Pretty-Words January 26, 2021
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A type of Swedish dish made out of chicken eyebrows and flatpacked vegetables that you need to assemble yourself
"I say Svenson, this Fika is delicious, however it's missing a couple of screws for the turnip table!'
by Toldyousolol November 16, 2016
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is when a swedish person eats and drinks sugar in the form of a bulle or to drink a saft
i really like this fika. yeah and this bulle is amazing do you want some saft to drink
by mel1440 November 13, 2017
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