A contraction of silly and daft having the same meaning - stupid, foolish

Commonly used in the Black Country area of Central United Kingdom
My father's saft, he didn't realise he had to take the wrapper off the food before putting it in the oven

"He's a saft 'un ay e" (imagine the Black Country accent)
by MasterGus June 18, 2005
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english "black country" for "soft", "yampy", or "mental" soft in the head
yam saft yo am, ya wanna calm down a bit
by bluefunk September 27, 2005
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A swedish drink that is used att a "fika", this is a swedish afternoon break where <bullar> and saft is served.
Saft is bought in supermarkets and comes in various flavours like; fläder, svartvinbär, lingon, jordgubb.
1.Skulle jag kunna bajsa i din saft?
2.Haha, visste du inte att <farmor> alltid kissar i saften?
by david_of_sweden July 2, 2006
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Saft is often used when you describe something. It means "(s)uch (a) (f)unny (t)hing.
It was founded in 1999 by the famous Thomas Friedlein
Hey, your car is saft!!!
Hey you look like saft!!!
by Thomas Friedlein November 10, 2004
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the name for the 'soft black' variation of cannabis, as defined by jakeys from the paisley area
tae bits a' saft???
by the firing abud March 21, 2009
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To stalk; to shamelessly pursue another person through base and reckless means
Jason safted the beefy trainer at the gym by surreptitiously taking photographs of him as he changed in the locker room.
by poopooOU812 September 6, 2016
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SAFT is an acronym for Sick As Fuck Tho.
A word that has been derived from the streets.
Its often used by poor people, straight gangsters and bad asses to show respect and admiration.

Also used to describe a glorious even.
Deven's new BMW for his 16th birthday is SAFT!

Deven and I took home 4 THOTS in his BMW, it was SAFT!
by Valiient April 25, 2016
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