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A hook used in the body art of suspension. It is normally either fashioned from large preexisting stainless steel hooks with the barb filed off or made especially for the occasion by a small number of body art equipment makers. The hook can come with locks to prevent straightening and are usually reused between persons, after being sterilized in a vacuum autoclave.
I have made my own suspension hooks.
by MrPumpernickel June 18, 2005
Abbreviation for illustration, used mainly by the same people who use an abundance of other abbreviations such as LOL, u, r and so forth (otherwise called netspeak and chatspeak) in their online language for no apparent reason.
OMG! Great illo, kewl!
by MrPumpernickel October 8, 2006
Abbrevation: Fuck You Joe.

Used only in its entirety, never with any other words in the same sentence, however variations with commas and exclamation marks do exist.
by MrPumpernickel February 10, 2004
The act of drinking a hot (or cold) beverage while ingesting some sort of pastry or dessert at a café or bistro of various setups. Fika can describe either the act alone or the gathering of two or more people to perform said act. Further more it can also describe the items being ingested during said act. Originally a Swedish word now making its way around the world.
I'm feeling peckish, let's have some fika!

Hey guys, do you want to meet up and fika?
by MrPumpernickel August 15, 2005
Latin phrase meaning "I think therefore you are", often said in a snyde, holier than thou, fashion.

See also: cogito ergo sum
by MrPumpernickel February 15, 2006
Gay Black Male. Popularized by the TV show The Simpsons, especially the episode "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer" where Homer Simpson answers a personal ad placed by the signature GBM.
Seeking companionship during cold lonely nights. Call GBM on 555-1234
by MrPumpernickel April 16, 2006