1. an expression used to show an upsetting emotion.
"Oh fiddle-sticks, I broke my new passion pink crayon."
by Steve Saylor October 26, 2005
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What a middle age Jewish male would refer to his gentitals as.
Last night I inserted my fiddle stick into her meathole.
by Flesh tube February 12, 2018
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fiddle sticks are long, slender wooden (usually) sticks that are used to accompany a violinist or fiddler. The fiddle sticks player stands to the right of the fiddler and taps the sticks on the fiddler's strings, much as in the style of a hammered dulcimer.
"Get away from me with those damned fiddle sticks, you nut. I'm trying to play Bach's Chaccone!"
by Robert M. English August 7, 2008
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The most white guy thing to ever be said if you hear a dad say this hes not a dad hes a virgin.
* Family eating dinner*
Dad: *drops fork* "awe fiddle sticks"
Family: Kys you virgin
by Hunkymonke69 January 31, 2022
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