Like the other definitions, a mild sweary word, but used as a get-out when you start to say "fuck" somewhere you can't. Often has a bit of a stutter at the start. Very similar to "sugar", in the sense Lucinda Green used it on television when a British horse missed a fence at the Olympic showjumping.
Oh f-f-fiddlesticks!
by George Icbar November 18, 2003
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What Amish men scream when they're being ass raped in prison
As bubba penetrated the poor Amish soul, he screamed ah fiddlesticks in anguish
by AhFiddlesticks July 26, 2018
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An annoying scarecrow who likes to throw malevolent birds at people in League of Legends. See Crowstorm.
Fiddlesticks mia.

Oh god look out for Crowstorm!
by Phyroxis October 04, 2012
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One of over 70 playable Champions from League of Legends. Fiddlesticks's abilities are TERRIFY, which causes the target to run around uncontrollably, DRAIN, which deals magic damage per second to the target and gives it to Fiddlesticks as health, DARK WIND, which silences a target and bounces to a nearby enemy up to 10 times, and CROWSTORM, which takes a 2-second channeling duration before teleporting to target location with a swarm of damaging crows around him. Fiddlesticks is an Ability Power champion and therefore, is quite fragile if you don't build him defensively.
Agh, Fiddlesticks just killed me with his Crowstorm+Flash+Terrify+Drain+Exhaust combo!!
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Used to be a swear-word back in the mid 1900s. Now it's replaced by damn, shit, or fuck.
The dog's digging in my garden again! Oh fiddlesticks!
by AYB May 28, 2003
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