The Boston Boxer is a cool new designer breed. Three pure breeds are likely to emerge from this hybrid in the future:

1) Big Bostons
2) Miniature Boxers
3) Natural Cut Boxers

But, will they say, "Bach! Bach!"
by Libby Fagan-Johnson June 3, 2006
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greatest composer that ever walked the earth... to think that people like nirvana and greenday... tut tut.
bouree; class! best piece to play on ye guitar.
by spaz man November 16, 2004
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Johann Sebastian Bach is one from the best composers ever, who lived in the 1700's.
From his best works: Badinerie
by AsTrOmArO June 10, 2005
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Johann Sebastian Bach. German musician and composer of the early-mid 18th century, specialized in harpsichord, orgue, piano, strings. Theoretician and first executor of the "well-tempered" tuning system in which all keys of different keyboards sound in tune, as in today's standards. Inventor of fugues, skilled musical, almost mathematical riddle master. The David Hilbert of music.
-"Wow, you play mean piano! Which music college did you go to?"
-"None, my grandma just forced me to practice Bach as a child".
by webseb May 6, 2008
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Is the best person you’ll ever meet. He is kind and knowledgeable with big heart. He will do anything for you. Cares for everyone and everything. Is loyal and generous. Can be quite and reserved. Very artistic and a forward thinker. A tall handsome man with many gifts. Will love you forever. A caregiver. A Viking
Bach will help you with that or ask Bach, he knows.
by Bohemian 18 November 8, 2018
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The Bach exemplifies the characteristics of the id, making rash decisions often void of any logic or reasonable thought process. There exists a direct correlation between the emergence of the Bach and consumption of alcohol, however other chemicals can be responsible. It is theorized that a Bach, or Bach-like entity exists within all of us, and is waiting for the right time to surface. Experts have drawn comparisons between advanced stages of schizophrenia and the Bach.
Dude, I think Kevin is letting the Bach out tonight
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A legitimate New Zealand word for a beach house, usually a second or holiday home.
I'm going over to the bach this weekend and I'll do a little surf-casting while I'm there. Do you want to come?
by yrnehniloc October 7, 2005
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