the mumbling of a word to mean something bad(mostly marijuana) usually done around grownups so as they don't find out what you are talking about or just done for laughs
yo dude you get any ferber?
yea we ferbersherber all the time
you wanna go ferber after practice?
by big tate January 3, 2006
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Really FRBR-ize, for Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records. It is "a conceptual entity-relationship model developed by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)" in which relationships between the entities (in a catalog or bibliographic database) provide links to navigate through the hierarchy of relationships.
Creating separate records for print and digital formats now will allow us to ferberize our catalog later.
by GemmaHoo April 5, 2011
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The process of turning a house with little or no personality into a unique and comfortable domicile.
When I moved in it was four walls and white carpet, so we had to ferberize. Then it was someplace you wanted to be.
by mrmartinitime June 12, 2010
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When you like another cute girl when you already have one
That girl is cute... dang it I already have one. I ferbered
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Very pale person that laughs at his own jokes, is not the best joke teller in the first place.
"woah theres Ryan Ferber we should maybe get out of here"
by discounthair July 19, 2017
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I got on the J Ferber last night, and looked up J Ferber.
by Spicylatte41 December 6, 2022
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