(n.) A messy accident on a floor or other surface consisting of bodily fluids as a result of pornography shoots or other socially unacceptable behavior.
Attention. Cleanup required for a feldman in aisle 12. Feldman in aisle 12.
by requiett November 11, 2009
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Performing general acts of jewshbaggery in all actions of your everyday life. The leader of this awful cult is davefeldman and he must be destroyed for creating this ultimate evil.
Room 405 hates all those that practice the dark arts of Feldmanism.
by 405Stinky May 05, 2005
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A sly grin that looks strikingly similar to Corey Feldman's appearance on the theatrical poster of "Liscense to Drive," one of the worst movies out of the 80's.
"Man, I'm sorry, but when you told me your mom caught you spanking it, I couldn't help but give The Feldman."
by Tim Carter January 13, 2007
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V. To engage in an act of intercourse with a girl or guy with no intentions but to just treat them like a piece of meat.

Feldmaned, Feldmaning
Dude, where did alex and vicki go?
There probably feldmaning.
damn thats like the 8th girl today.
by vick7 September 28, 2010
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Someone who makes tedious arguments and wins them through the attrition of his opponent.
Donald Trump is such a Feldman.
by steely_pete October 13, 2017
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to trip or be out of control while on a "pleasure drug" such as X, heroin, or cocaine. The term is of course loosely based around the drug abuse history of former-child actor, Corey Feldman.
"Dude, check out lewis! he just did like 8 lines, and he is straightup feldmaning all over the place!"
by outercourse June 08, 2006
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