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The act of a woman (or man) licking and sucking a man's penis. The man and the woman find this very exhilarating. The man will usually reach and orgasm and will cum. There are several positions of felatio.
My boyfriend came to my house when both of our parents are out of town. I came out of the shower with a bra and a thong on while my bf is on my bed. I made out with him and decided to do felatio on him. I began undressing him and sucking his penis. He reached an orgasm and cummed on my face and mouth.
by xXangelwolfXx March 13, 2011

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The act of a woman rubbing up and down on a man's penis. This will make the man reach an orgasm and will cum.
Angelina and her boyfriend, Michael went camping together near a lake by themselves. Angelina and Michael were sitting by the campfire and got really bored. Then, suddenly, Angelina placed her hand on Michael's pants and start undressing him. Michael was grinning and got a boner. Angelina started giving him a handjob. She rubbed his penis up and down until Michael cummed on Angelina's shirt.
by xXangelwolfXx March 13, 2011

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A "sequel" to the video who started it all --2 girls 1 cup. This shock video starts with a man opening a woman's vagina as the woman urinates into a pitcher. The man holds the pitcher as she urinates. The woman, then drinks the urine. After she drank it, the man urinates into that same pitcher. The girl drinks his urine. The video ends with the man pooping on the girl and then spreads and rub the feces on her.
Tom: Hey Jack!
Jack: Hey, man. Wassup?
Tom: Nothing, want to get some beer?
Jack: Uh...no thank you. I watched 1 girl 1 pitcher last night
Tom: What's that?
Jack: Google the video
*Tom Googles the video*

Jack: Hey man, hows the video?
Tom: SHUT UP! You fuckin jackass!
by xXangelwolfXx March 06, 2011

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