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When a girl starts off relatively decent, good morals, good job, lack of slutty tattoos but then starts dating a trashy guy and slowly declines to his level of trashiness.
Britney Spears

"Sheila was on the honor roll until she met Chris, now she's got a tramp stamp and has a beer gut at the age of 19."
"Yeah, he straight up federlined her."
by DylanYork October 14, 2007
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When a loser (scrub) impregnates a woman that earns a higher income, drives her to the point of insanity, so much she shaves her head, then gains custody over any offspring and then receives child support from the mother.
After he took her to dinner, she spent the next 12 months getting federlined.

You just got federlined, Bitch!
by Mike Amelsgone June 25, 2011
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