29 definitions by Murph

Where u at?
1 kid: yo wodie
2 kid im hittin this nice party come chilkl
by Murph July 16, 2003
a: An angry ignorant person.

b: When a person is willing to fight or argue for something not knowing what it is they're fighting for.

c: A belligerant sort of ignorance.
by Murph January 16, 2003
1. Listens to such blasphemous hypocracies such as pop-country "music" (if it can be called that...) and Toby Keith

2. Wears preppy clothes such as Billabong and Calvin Klein and a cowboy hat at the same time

3. Suffers from CMS (a.k.a. "cums")- Chronic Masturbation Syndrome. In the definition CK stands for Cock Knocker.

4. A member of Bush's lobotomized minions.

5. A wannabe
"That pathetic poon-hound is a CK cowboy."
by Murph November 6, 2003
"Ol' Bobby made a silk purse outta me sow's ear!"
by Murph February 19, 2004
n. Perineum. The region between one's anus and one's genitals.
"If you lick her fot
she'll love you lots."

by Murph February 20, 2004
like a girl has to have a little shizzlebang
by Murph February 21, 2004