29 definitions by Murph

like a girl has to have a little shizzlebang
by Murph February 21, 2004
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1. The act of kissing.
2. The act of having sex.
3. The act of anything in-between.
4. Informal. Fooling around.
5. Slang. Fucking.

Credited to NauCe for iventing this word.
they went into the bedroom to mauster
by Murph January 12, 2005
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1. Listens to such blasphemous hypocracies such as pop-country "music" (if it can be called that...) and Toby Keith

2. Wears preppy clothes such as Billabong and Calvin Klein and a cowboy hat at the same time

3. Suffers from CMS (a.k.a. "cums")- Chronic Masturbation Syndrome. In the definition CK stands for Cock Knocker.

4. A member of Bush's lobotomized minions.

5. A wannabe
"That pathetic poon-hound is a CK cowboy."
by Murph November 6, 2003
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Also known as Cock, a Rooster is an exterier organ of the male
by Murph January 6, 2004
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1. (v) To slap

2. (n) a purple cocksmoker; proven true by the color of his lips

3. (n) an overpaid baseball player brought to New York to win a World Series; look how that turned out
1. What a pansy Alex Rodriguez is, did you just see him SLAP another man...

2. Dude, what's up with A-Rod's lips.... Jeters dick must be purple

3. Get over yourself, you suck
by Murph April 19, 2005
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Two percent of the male population has an erect penis over nine inches.
He unzipped and pulled out his two percenter.
by Murph January 27, 2005
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