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Acronym used for: Where's The Fun?
Person 1: Hey, dude. Let's have fun!
Person 2: Wtf?
Person 1: ...in the bedroom *smirks*
by Lady In A Blue Dress March 20, 2011
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1. Nine In The Roman Numeral

2. Demyx's Number From Organization 13
Person 1: Hey, Did You Know XI Is Nine!!!???
Person 2: What The Fuck Ever...

Demyx: My Number Is Nine (IX)
Zexion: My Number Is Six (VI)
Marluxia: My Number Is Eleven (XI)
by Lady In A Blue Dress August 11, 2010
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Abbreviation For "Fried Chicken" Lots Of People Eat It. Some People Just Dont Like It. Including Me. I Only Like It From KFC, Other Than That, FC Is Waaaaaaay Too Fatty And Gross Unless My Mom Cooks It :) FC Can Be Eaten With Sauce Or Rice Or More Chicken.
I Went To KFC Yesterday And I Told Them I Want Crispy FC And They Were Like "What?" And I Told Them It Meant Fried Chicken.
by Lady In A Blue Dress September 1, 2010
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VI(6th) Member Of Organization XIII(13) From Kingdom Hearts. His Title In The Organization Is The Cloaked Schemer. His Weapon Is The Lexicon. His Book. His Attribute Is Illusions. His Hair Color Is Grayish Blue And It Covers His Right Eye. He Is Kinda Short But Hott. NOT EMO.
Demyx: Hey.

Organization 13: What?
Demyx: Im Talking To Zexion.
Zexion: What?
Demyx: I Love You.
Zexion: O_O Im Gona Walk Away Now...
by Lady In A Blue Dress August 21, 2010
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