The rotary engine that came in the RX7. Only the coolest engine in the history of mankind. It has very few moving parts, an extremely efficient design, and no theoretical redline. It has no pistons, just two spinning triangles instead. Don't question it.
Stupid ricer who just got beat: What kind of car is that, whatcha got in there?

RX7 driver: It's an RX7 with a 13B. Do your research and stop failing at life!
by TheAutoholic September 6, 2006
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Only the dopest engine ever made. The 13B is an engine that consists of 2 doritos encapsulated in a bowl. This is known as the Dorito bowl. Unlike conventional engines; the Doritos in the bowl can rotate to a higher RPM thus making it superior.
RB25 Driver: Wow i just got chopped by that 13B
by Shelldog69 March 17, 2020
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