A word used to shorten FUCKING CUNT commonly used to describe someone just being a total and utter bitch x1000
Dude Halle was being a total FC today she wouldnt even let me look
by vneck express November 23, 2010
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flirt capacity. its what girls or rather gay guys say when talking about how much they flirt with guys. it is possible to have an fc of 0-100, 0 being incredibly unsocial when it comes to the opposite(or same, depending on your sexuality) sex, and 100 being a whore. the average teenage girl with a lot of friends probably has a 30-75 fc.

flirt capacity loser whore popular
yea my fc went up now that i broke up with my boyfriend.
by HCOgrlxoxo February 25, 2008
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FC - Fresh Creps
Trainers That Have Just Been Bought & Person Wants To Show It Off
Check That Guy Over There With His FC
Thinking He Looks Good, Plezz
by Nadiiaah February 17, 2009
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Fc = Centripetal Force.
Fc = (Mass x Velocity^2) / Radius
There is no such thing as a centifugal force, you stupid person!
by Urban Dictionary November 01, 2004
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Short for Fan Clubs. The home to most of the cool people on Neopets. Also the only place to find roleplays including Neopets and other things such as toast, muffins, and any other non-living object.
by Bonus_Points September 01, 2004
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Football Club- usually in england. however, there are other letters for different countries depending on the language.
by myname? October 01, 2003
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Short for FuckedCompany. Specifically, FuckedCompany.com. The site tracks general layoffs, company closings, company scandals, etc., with a slight technology and internet focus.

Notable for its highly active general message board (with lots of regulars along with incessant trolling, race baiting, etc.) and extensive highly humorous emoticon-like graphics.
Did you read FC today?

He's just another FC troll...
by Andy December 14, 2003
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