When celebrities pretend to be romantically involved in order to obtain press coverage.
Aaron Carter is going out with Brooke Hogan? Psh. What a fauxmance.
by lofosho10 October 25, 2007
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A fake romance usually for the benefit of the media or family and friends.

The purpose of the fauxmance is usually: to willingly provide a celebate rouse for one or both partners true sexual orinetation until one or both are ready to come out.

It is often employed as a marketing ploy for films and major Celebrity couples.
Famous first Hollywood fauxmance
Doris day (Hetro) and Rock hudson ( Gay)

Latest speculated Celebrity fauxmance
Robert Pattinson (Hetro) and Kristen Stewart (unconfirmed)
by Cheekywitch July 16, 2010
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A style of hooking up where while everyone knows it's just a hook up, the style of sex is very sensual and intimate as if more romantic and intimate than just a hook up but there are NSA - no strings attached.
They hook up about every six months or so and it's like Romeo and Juliet or Alexander and Hephestain or like one of them is going off to war the next day. They enjoy a little fauxmance but really they're just fuck buddies.
by Phil A Buster March 21, 2011
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Used to describe a relationship used to validate one's self or others.
Jack and Jill had a wonderful fauxmance
by Andrew Neville November 29, 2004
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When two people who are single spend time together, and act like a couple. That inculdes hand holding, kissing, PDA, cuddling, and having sex. But if anyone ask them if they are a couple they both say no.
Are you and Jessica a couple? You guys hang out all the time. Nah we just got a Fauxmance
by Alonzo Jewels July 24, 2009
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Fake romance. Can be most visibly observed in sappy love films and is a major component of love novels.
"That movie The Blue Lagoon was a total fauxmance flick."
by Justin Herbert April 10, 2009
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A deceptive, fake relationship used by one partner to manipulate the other for sex and validation. May sometimes be used for revenge.
When Mark needed a midlife self-esteem boost, he decided he'd fauxmance his high school crush. His over-the-top tactics had her under him in no time.
by TalkStraight December 9, 2021
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