Mythical beast with the upper torso of a human and the legs and tail of a goat, sometimes depicted with goat's horns coming out of their skulls. Bipedal. Not to be confused with satyrs, who were much naughtier.
Mr. Tumnus from the Narnia books and movies is a faun.
by Swellgal September 18, 2006
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1. the vagina of a female child.

this word is used by many french families in south louisiana. the word is mainly family-acceptable slang to teach young girls what their genitals are called. it is similar to telling a young boy his penis is his 'peter'.

the 'n' is silent. it is sort of pronounced 'faw-faw'

2. travis. the KLSU DJ uses the word as his on-air identity.
1. young female child: mommy what is this?
mommy: thats your faun faun.

2. travis is faun faun. he is the best DJ at KLSU.
by FISSweed December 08, 2005
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From the 13th century French for Fawn. Animal of the Forest. Beauty, intelligence, and a certain amount of nature beyond .
Faune is the french spelling for Fawn
by faune February 03, 2010
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Used to describe guys with, often notably, hairy legs but little to no upper body/chest hair.

See also satyr.
by amberheart1 August 10, 2011
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Faun is a beautiful woman usually extra thiccc
Likes and will date multiple guys before she find the guy she really wants
You: damn that girl is thicc
Me: yeah, that’s faun
by Lil Fr0sty November 15, 2018
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A faun wallet is a small (usually pocket-sized) storage device used to keep personal items such as credit cards, cash, driver's licenses for frequent quick access used by faun's. A faun wallet is usually brown and it has a picture of the owner on the outside of the device.
Joe: Wow! Did you see that faun's wallet?
James: Yeah! He had a faun wallet.
by Murri July 05, 2007
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