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A College Station run by Louisiana State University. It used to play underground rock, such as grunge and punk, and was a good station until some dumbass let hipsters know about it. Now it's bombarded with Coldplay/Death Cab for Cutie styled indie pop bullshit. The old days of KLSU were good. I could listen to Mudhoney, Nirvana, Green River, Soundgarden, The MC5, Paw, Sonic Youth, Dickless, the Stooges, L7, Melvins, Blue Cheer etc. Without going through the bullshit indie pop such as Colour Revolt, Dirty on Purpose, and Slumber Party. KLSU sucks now. Those fucking hipsters ruined it.
KLSU has gone downhill. Thanks to the hipsters and stupid music-biased DJs.
by redcro October 17, 2006
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