spun-off from the popularization of the term catfish as seen in the documentary or on Mtv.

This directly relates to when a person intentional lies about their weight because they are far larger than they appear on their dating profile.
Bro: "Dude, that chick Beth I met of friendster, said she was 105 on her profile, when we met in person she actually weigh 105 more than me"

Dude: "Bro, you got fatfished"

Warning signs:
High angle close ups.
Animal profile pictures.
They list their body type as "a little extra"
by tubbytom February 7, 2013
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A fatfish is a name applied to a person or animal, that is not necessarily overweight, who is being greedy, selfish, snobbish, or a hater.
Ben was certainly being a fatfish on his birthday; he wouldn't share his birthday cake, and spent the afternoon talking smack about his brother.
by progre55ive December 7, 2009
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When an individual participates in a dating site hookup only to discover that the other individual is substantially larger than you were initially led to believe.
I went to meet Bumble #1 last night and she fatfished me. bumble tinder catfished
by NoPo10's April 29, 2016
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When a “bigger” gal only takes pictures from the neck or chest up to appear skinny but in person she’s totally a bigger gal.
Danny: what’s up with you and that girl you met on tinder bro?
Nick: Oh her? Nah man she fatfished me. Totally got me dude. Nothing like her picture.
Danny: Damn bro that’s crazy! Shit...
by iamanthonydean December 24, 2018
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When a fat or non-desirable female uses deceptive camera angles to give the illusion of being attractive or skinny to lure men into sex.
Jarrod: Did you ever hook up with that chick that you swiped right and matched with?
Blake: yeah she showed up at my door and fatfished me!
Jarrod: Did you still have sex with her?
Blake: I couldn't back out once I opened the door; I was committed .
by Hans Buttplower July 6, 2018
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To get catfished by an otherwise normal fat person.
Bill got fatfished when the model he thought he was talking to on Facebook turned out to be a fat person with a fake profile.
by Branta August 22, 2013
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Commonly used to describe when individuals (most often females) take pictures at specific angles or lighting to use for online dating/hookups and social media that give the appearance that they aren't fat, when in actuality, they are fat.
Person 1: Damn! She hot!

Person 2: No look she never shows a picture of herself with an exposed midriff. And look at her face, it's a bit chubby.

Person 1: Ah you right she's just another BBW fatfishing us.
by Savaros June 11, 2018
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