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spun-off from the popularization of the term catfish as seen in the documentary or on Mtv.

This directly relates to when a person intentional lies about their weight because they are far larger than they appear on their dating profile.
Bro: "Dude, that chick Beth I met of friendster, said she was 105 on her profile, when we met in person she actually weigh 105 more than me"

Dude: "Bro, you got fatfished"

Warning signs:
High angle close ups.
Animal profile pictures.
They list their body type as "a little extra"
by tubbytom February 06, 2013

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Slang for women's breasts.

Referenced in the movie Fanboys.
Windows was to busy on his computer to check out the nice sweater yams.
by tubbytom October 20, 2009

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1) Acting crazy but fun while partying and/or while drunk.

2) a. Having chaotic fun with friends that is considered socially unacceptable.

b.Midwest version of hyphy or crunk.

3) To achieve sexual deeds with someone you lust for (or fancy)
1) Tom's the funniest drunk I've ever met, I it when he gets fancy.

2) We got fancy and decided to scale the grocery store and hula hoop on the top.

3) I never thought i'd get fancy with Betty.
by Tubbytom August 10, 2009

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a phrased used by players when a person 1. They have interest in does something wrong to have them set a side like the other girls*.

*As if they were put in a bucket to choose from.

2. Can also refer to if a players goes back and forth between others they are dating or sleeping with when they get temporarily bored.
Dude, Lauren keeps bringing up her ex-boyfriend shes going back in the bucket.

Dave and I have go to the movies twice this week. I'm putting him back in the bucket so i can talk to Tom.
by TubbyTom April 16, 2009

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Slang for running.

Running so hard that the tremendous force of the runners feet blows the ground below into a dust cloud of debris.

Seen on many cartoons, such as Looney Toons.
Did you see Rocko Landblasting this morning, that SUV had to pull off on the side of the room to wait for the cloud to clear. He also destroyed the track at school.
by tubbytom November 27, 2011

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When one complains on facebook about recieving notifications at the top of their screen.

The notifications could come from being tagged on a post, through a message or a group.
You tagged Dinera Nabad in a photo.

*47 Notifications later*

Dinera Nabad says: Hey can someone untag me from this I'm sick of all these notifications it annoying.

Crawty Lerford says: Bump.

Alistar Cooper says: Bump.


Alistar Cooper say: @Dinera - Stop Notification Bitching.
by Tubbytom May 27, 2011

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an added s or 's, on to a word. Typically as a suffix for a possession that is not actually added on to a word. Mostly used phonetically when talking about a brand, store or company ending with a name.

Kind of a fucked up cousin to the silent k.
Examples of Invisible S

Spelling Anyway Phonetically: Anyways
Spelling: Subway Phonetically: Subways
Spelling: Aldi Phonetically: Aldi's
Spelling: Chade Daniel Phonetically: Chase Daniels
by tubbytom December 29, 2013

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