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A small release of gas from the anus, but of a smaller quantity than that of a regular fart. One can release a series of fartlets and achieve the same rank effect as a whole fart.
Justin: "I just let out a bunch of fartlets when I was walking past that guy"

Josh: "Nice!"
by bumbobway January 05, 2007
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A small fart that follows one or more long farts, usually making a noise that is not that different from a tin whistle.
Dave-"Dude! did you just fartlet?
by ysabug April 22, 2011
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German word, which is actually FARTLEKS, not FARTLETS. Definition is otherwise 100% correct.
My platoon sergeant made us do 5 miles worth of fartleks every day. The constant running and jogging would wear us out by mile 2.
by zeroagent January 29, 2005
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noun: in sports, a form of punishment in which the punished must run around a track. The last person in the line sprints to the front, and then jogs; the newest caboose must then sprint, etc. etc. Activity continues until a) someone pukes; b) someone collapses, or c) until the coach is satisfied.
If I have to run any more fartlets, I'm gonna lose my shit.
by Smacfoo November 19, 2004
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