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someone who has sex with farts
When Pam Anderson would fart in a sex tape, the DP, a real fartfucker, would try and bang her farts.
by AdolfHitler69 February 17, 2015
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1. A person that farts repeditivley during anal sex, not to be confused with someone whom occasioally farts during butt sex, as it must sound like an accordian going in and out repeditivley. ( a curious sloshing air noise)
2. A term used to insult a whore.
1. That bitch was a fart fucker, I had to stop fucking her in the ass.
2. Fuck that fartfucker whorebag!
by Shit Forest November 28, 2006
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Any person who finds enjoyment by flagellating on, or very close to, an unsuspecting victim. The fart fucker is famous for using such tactics such as the fartnade or bending over and giving the person the one-man salute. This is commonly mistaken with the fart and dart, simply because the farter simply wants to fart on another person, not embarrass the victim in a given situation.
Bobby: Did Jake just run up on you and fire a stink torpedo?!
Suzy: Yeah, that kids a little Fart Fucker if you ask me
by iEaTdIcKCheEsE January 09, 2010
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Fart Fucker: 1.Gay Democrat opposed to a repig's patriotism.
2.Any gay democratic political slander toward's the oppostion.
1. A gay Fart Fucker bashed my marriage belief's.
2.Fart Fucker's use "repig" as:
Repigs tend to be homophobic!
by copperratt April 29, 2009
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One who humps the air in the same manner a dog would do. This is common when a man neglects to wash his balls. When they are with fumundacheese, a woman will pick up on this, thus pushing her mate aside. His only recourse is to hump the lingering pussy odor in the air.
The fartfucker could put someones eye out with that!
by Papacoon January 08, 2009
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someone who is a fucker that farts alot or meanie a dumbass or retard
William Dobbs, Timothy Dilich, Sadie Butzco(haha sadie we love you lmao)
by Michelle and Tory November 23, 2004
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