Scottie: ayy were you on the office gc last nite?
Jesus: ofc i was bruh
Man: lol that gc was off the hook
by mynameis__jeff July 13, 2015
gc stands for get cancer, used in games such as league of legends and csgo
player 1: wow this guy sucks!
player 2: yeah he should gc
by dcnthehe July 21, 2021
A good cunt.

Someone who did something good or nice.
person A: he gave me the last wicked wing from his kfc bucket.
person B: what a gc.
by stankbear September 21, 2021
Abbreviation of Game Cube, a video game console
I just got the new Mario game for my GC!
by Invalid H. User April 24, 2003
It’s a sorter word for “Get Closer
Do you want to gc?”
by Abby Frazer August 9, 2019
1. good charlotte a awsome band who rock hard! ^_^ cube (nintendo)
1. this GC album rocks! sister broke my GC
by £uçky April 22, 2005