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Scottie: ayy were you on the office gc last nite?
Jesus: ofc i was bruh
Man: lol that gc was off the hook
by mynameis__jeff August 01, 2015
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Good Cunt - Usually used between friends when someone objects to the full verbal form of the term "good cunt".
David; Want a beer?
Nick: Cheers bro, what a good cunt!
Claire: Dont use the C word!
Nick: Ok... GC!
by Keenaz May 19, 2010
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g.c. is used to give props to a bro who has made a good call.
Ryan: That girl only looks good from far away.
Kevin: g.c. man. g.c.
by Ryan B. Cook November 16, 2007
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Gay Component (with capital letters), everyone is a little gay, even Clint Eastwood is 1-2% gay, it's getting more obvious in his old age.

Usually people come out of closet when their GC hits 50%
Man, Carl has cried during the speech, his GC is acting up, he is at 25%
by Pseudonyme1 May 22, 2017
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An abbreviation for "good character(s)". It refers to a person or persons who is/are extremely interesting. Good characters do not always have to be your friend; as a matter of fact, they are often seen as complete jokes to you and your friends. GC's are usually invited to parties to enhance the quality of the pictures that will be taken and uploaded to facebook.
"Is Eric coming to the party this afternoon? He's such a GC"

"I went to the Berkshire Apartments and hung out with some GC's. I can't wait to show you the pics"

"Joe got his certification as a reverend over the internet. He drinks whiskey every day and believes he's fighting for the Confederacy in the Civil War. GC!"
by Cat Baker May 04, 2009
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Jay: Did you fuck Jess last night?

Bob: Yea! I gave that bitch ass to mouth.

Jay: GC.
by bigoldirtyslut December 27, 2010
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