A girl that is misunderstood, secretly loved by all, and a gorgeous person (inside and out). She has great friends who love her, and doesn't judge other people she doesn't know. She's forgiving, sweet, and won't listen to haters. She's an overall great person.
God I love reya
by Frootloop(: December 22, 2010
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a weirdo but a mom and everyone loves her
“boy 1: that girl is such a mom
girl : must be a reya
by hiitskyra December 27, 2019
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makes everyone feel bad for her, she usually compares her situations to make others feel invalid. she also thinks she has it hardest no matter the situation.
“hey reya i’ve been really sad lately”, “me too hahahahah
by carolina24 June 19, 2021
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Reya is a god. We must all worship her. All Will’s must be killed, mainly the ginger ones
by ray_rayrx December 14, 2020
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Reya is a sexy girl. She has a pretty face and is very good in bed.
I had the best time last night with some girl”

Her name must have been Reya
by emmeline123 December 1, 2021
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when a guy fingers his own butthole and then, after taking it out, sucks on that same finger. After doing this, he starts screaming, "I am the GAMING GOD!"
After losing a Gears of War match, Anthony performed a dirty reyas.
by Dirty Sasquatch July 6, 2009
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