Assad is a word taken from Arabic, meaning a "Lion". Assad is handsome, brave, loyal and protective. He is a true leader and an Alpha plus he can make good decisions in hard situations. Assad is a person who you can have fun with. Assad has a good body shape (muscular) but sometimes skinny . Assad maybe aggressive when he is in bad mood.
Yo, Assad came !!! Finally we can have a good time !!
by Owl3e3 February 27, 2018
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An Asad with a big, curvaceous ass, hence the extra 's' in the spelling of the name. Usually, all of his limbs are wide and big. The penis of this particular Asad is also quite wide, but of average length. A favorite of gay black men.
Friend 1: Yo, look who just walked in bra, Asad!!
Friend 2: Did you say Assad or Asad?
Friend 1: My bad, I meant Assssad. Check out the booty on him. The gays must be jizzing in their pants.
Friend 2: Delicious! Mouth-watering, boner-popping delicious!!!
by Master 4P November 1, 2010
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Assad is a male human being is completely obsessed with Apple related products, the only drink that he will drink is Mango juice
Person 1: Dude, you seen the new iPad 2
Person 2: The what?
Person 1: The iPad 2, you've never heard of it before?
Person 2: Haven't they just released the original iPad?
Person 1: Yeah, but they wanna make money
Person 2: Fair shout, you know anyone who is gonna get one?
Person 1: Yeah, Assad said he's gonna wait outside the nearest Apple store until it opens just to get one
Person 2: Sweet! I love Assad, what a dude
Person 1: He's so obsessed with Apple, he's got a Mac, an iPhone, iPod and the original iPad
by Percy297 March 7, 2011
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A loser who couldn't get any pussy in this life because the U.S. Marines were taking it all so he blew himself up in hopes of getting some in the afterlife.
Did you hear about that guy Assad? Apparently he's got 72 babes all sucking his spectral dick up in heaven
by YourGirlCallsMeDaddy June 26, 2017
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In the action of supporting the Syrian Al-Assad regime blindly and whit-out rationality, becoming a faithfull praiser of the Al-Assad regime to a point in wich it becomes a religion.
"This shabiha has converted to Assadism a long time ago"


"...the officer was prosterning on the ground in front of an giant Bashar Al-Assad portrait, saying "Bashar w Akbar"..."
by uberschnitzel January 15, 2013
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When somebody important says that the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad has to be removed from office, but instead that person gets removed from power or dies.
Untill now, many important world leaders have called for the removal of Assad, but instead after years they themselves went out of office and Assad is still in power.
John McCain: "Assad has to go!"
*gets braincancer*
Random twitter user: "Lol Assad Curse strikes again!"
by DanUD July 25, 2017
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Current head of Syria. Likely the product of an unholy marriage twixt man and giraffe.
Dude, what the ever-loving fuck is up with Bashar Assad's neck?!?
by RXtasy December 17, 2006
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