The most delicious sauce in the world. Burgar King charges you extra for it if you don't buy the chicken tenders
Sheep, honey mustard and fries makes me so happy *smiles retardedly*
by Hanan March 12, 2004
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1.A thick drssing used commonly for food such as chicken tenders/nuggets

2.Also used for sexual enjoyment; main use on large breasts, as well as a big ol' onion booty.
DAN: Wowwww look at that ass
Kyle: I'd love to slap some honey mustard on that!

Girl bends over while exhibiting nice breasts
Boys exclaims "honey mustard!!!"
by charliechap March 24, 2007
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greassy sweat that builds between your nut sack and your thigh.
hey dude smell my honey mustard. yummy!
by Master Bytr October 11, 2004
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When someone believes something happened one way but something entirely different actually took place.
"Don't you honey mustard me! You used to love sushi!"

"That is not how it happened, stop honey mustarding"

"If you honey mustard this I want you to know I have the pics to prove it."
by Locus117 April 7, 2013
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The bottom of a honey mustard container that’s unable to be used due to the mass amount of crumbs
I don’t eat bottom honey mustard due to the crumbs
by Hurricanesteve February 21, 2018
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Signifies that you are absolutely crazy and out of your mind.
1. weird
2. insane
Boy : Why is that girl walking her pet fish?
Boy 2 : I know right! She looks like she's eating a burger with no honey mustard 🤢
by thiccbish102 January 29, 2021
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The act of putting honey mustard all over your girls vagina, then putting your penis into it. She then proceeds to lick your dick when finished.
My girl and I honey mustard fucked last night.
by Taintsmellslikepaint June 18, 2021
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