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Someone lacking the wit necessary for the SomethingAwful forums who likes to hang out with other knuckledragging, adolescent semiliterates. Poor spelling, poor Photoshop skills, and a complete lack of a sense of humor are a must, and it helps to be twice as opinionated as you are informed about any particular issue. It's also essential that you don't mind seeing the same retarded cliche catchphrases and images posted over and over again; these people haven't seen a new joke in years, and wouldn't recognize one if it showed up.

You would get banned from the SA forums for being as unfunny and ignorant as the best poster on Fark.
"Did you see that the sixth grade kid who fell off the monkeybars and landed on his head is finally back in school this year? Word has it that the brain damage was so severe that he's become a farker."
by Bevets' Mom July 04, 2005
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1. Possessing a deviant mind.
2. Reads fark.
That farker is gonna get us all killed.
by Orius September 03, 2002
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The term "Fark" as used to replace the word "fuck" in forums that frowned up the use of curse words was a long time before anyone decided to name a news blog with the term. Drew Curtis, as brilliant as the individuals who support his web site may think he is, openly states this as the reason for naming his site that in the first place which might I add was originaly a URL that went to a picture of a squirrel with enlarged testicles.
In closing, I simply don't think that a word should be given an alternate meaning simply on the whim of a few bloggers looking for wider recognition and more page hits for their favorite web masters limited liability corporation.
by camarugala October 20, 2003
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a person who owns everyone at something awful

a person who gets his/her rocks off by farking other websites

a person who looks up to the big nutted squirrel
that farker just kicked his ass
by some TFer February 29, 2004
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