Founder and leader of, priorities include beer and exposing his minions to the wonders of the intarweb.
Drew Curtis's first post to was a squirrel who was very well endowed.
by Some TF Guy July 6, 2004
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A Heineken lovin', squirrelly Kentuckian who likes boobies and pithy headlines for his website, Fark.

It has been rumored that he is of questionable French descent though he'll never let on, and some net surfers proclaim him King of the Internets (with Burger King crown). He has never held a Fark party in Paris, but he just might show up in Yeehaw Junction, Florida, if there are enough ladies in lingerie.

He believes that Duke sucks--it's his one bias he allows on his website, though normally neutrality prevails. Conservatives think his site is liberal; Liberals think he's a flamewar instigator; and Green party members question his PETA headlines and the pancake rabbit photos.

Sometimes you can find even me, Lace Valentine, on Fark, farking it up. Fark is a word Drew invented, possibly a combination of Fart and Fuck. The filter on his website turns assorted curse words into humorous spellings.
"Drew Curtis will turn you from Farklite to TotalFarker for only five bucks a month."
by Lace Valentine November 20, 2004
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Wannabe Lowtax who runs a website that features bad photoshops and 5 year old catchphrases.
by FYAD March 24, 2004
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A creature of perfection and light who walks among us humans like a God.
"Shield your eyes and bow down, Lowtax, Drew Curtis is coming our way!"
by TFer February 27, 2004
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