aka Target.

Used in the military to signify target has been located/confirmed
Echo Foxtrot to Uniform Zulu, Over
You are 5 by 5 Echo Foxtrot
Eyes on Tango.
Execute execute execute.
by Smokey September 12, 2003
Argentina's capital city (Buenos Aires) typical dance...with the rose in the mouth
Los tangueros se reunieron en el arrabal, y bailaron tango hasta el amanecer
by Cecilia October 2, 2004
To fight with someone.
You wanna tango?

Let's tango.
by Xraye July 22, 2006
A drink brand, comes in lots of flavours, apple's my favorite...
by bloodbanx.com January 23, 2005
- "So what dance class are you taking?"
- "My girlfriend persuaded me into doing tango with her, but i didn't need much persuading in the first place."
- "Why"
- "Dude! Tango is like, sex on the dance floor!"
by laduejen2012 September 27, 2007
A degoratory slur for someone with ginger hair, used to belittle my ginger housemate.
You fucking Tango! sort your hair out!
by Zack Daniels April 12, 2005
Abbreviation of "charlie foxtrot tango", an expression familial to the military "charlie foxtrot", which is itself a phonetic abbreviation for "cluster fuck". "Charlie foxtrot tango" is the phonetic abbreviation for "cluster fuck trifecta". See also "clusterfuck trifecta"
by Steven Cranford December 4, 2007