said by hopeful onlookers when watching a conflict develop between other people. the phrase is meant to symbolize sitting back as if one were at the movies, and watching the battle of words between two arguing people.
joe and jane are at it again, arguing big time. get the popcorn!
by galwithabrain November 1, 2010
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To go roll some weed.
Affiliated with the word "movie"
before you start watching your movie you need to get your popcorn right!
We need to get the popcorn right for the movie.
We need to "roll the weed right" for the " weed smoking session"
by Igz20 October 5, 2009
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On the popular reality series Jon and Kate plus 8 Kate Goslin screams this phrase so her kids will come and get their popcorn.
Often also seen on the soup.
by doodleoodle December 7, 2009
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Code word for urinating. Commonly used while on a date or in any other social setting.

Originated in a movie theater.
Damn, after I drank that big soda, I need to get some popcorn.
by L January 16, 2005
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I feel this conversation is going to be entertaining.
Stranger : i've lost a testicle last year, just two months after my parents' death in a car accident, which wasn't that terrible because my dad was actually molesting me when i was little.

You: brb getting popcorn
by valwalt July 16, 2009
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