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A man who tries to cultivate an image of himself as being elegant and refined by wearing fancy, expensive clothes and using affected mannerisms. He's not stereotypically "manly", and often seems effete. In the past they were known as a fop or a dandy. Not the same thing as a metrosexual, but vaguely similar.
A sloppily-dressed man sees an elegantly-dressed man walk past.
Sloppy man, sarcastically: "Hey, fancy boy! Nice clothes!"
Fancy boy: "Oh please, you wish you looked this good."
by bstokes June 12, 2006
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Black Prostitutes from Barcelona term of affection for a man of gentility
Prostitute: Hey Boy, BJ for €10!
Man: No thank you
Prostitute: Why not?
Man: I just don't want one
Prostitute: Whats wrong with you, You are the fancy boy?
Man: Why thank you, yes I am a fancy boy
by Club Tropicana February 06, 2009
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- All Fancyboy clothes are expensive, and are usually from shops such as Topman and River Island, fendi, gucci. nordstrom, and coogi.

- Tight, girly-coloured (pink, yellow, etc) t-shirts that are of no readily identifiable brand and usually have some kind of scrawled pattern or design on the front. No more than 2 layers of clothing can be worn at any time, even in the winter.

- Tight, plain, expensive jeans.

- Trainers, usually white and in girly colours.

- Gelled (but more commonly waxed now a days) hair, sometimes with highlights. Grown quite long.

- Socialise only with other fancyboys/girls.

- Never participate in violence, but love gossiping when fights do erupt, and talking about "what they would have done" in an effort to show masculinity to their girl friends.

- Wear moderate amounts of jewellary.

- Do not go out much. Spend as little time on the streets as possible, as they realise they are a vulnerable target for muggings and random violence.

- Fancyboys are usually friendly, but can come across as irritating, and cocky.

- Fancyboys are usually very wealthy, but can come from a range of social backgrounds. Some fancyboys are ex-rudeboys who see the rudeboy culture as immature.

- Most are popular with girls, as fancyboys dress specifically to appeal to women.

- Follow a strict social strucutre religously. They think they "have a place" in their school/college, and know who they can "talk down to" and who to "suck up to."

- Most will claim they listen to a mix of R&B, hiphop and rock, but really just listen to whatever is in the charts at the moment.

-Fancyboys are very fancy in the tlye of dress wearing nothing but the best.
-Fancyboys goes with the girls that are dimepieces.
-Fancyboys keep two cellphones.
- Fancyboys tell girls what they feel like so they keep fancyboy happy with whatever he wants
man you dress sharp, you must be getting it like the rest of the made Fancyboys?
by Godzillionaire August 16, 2009
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decillionaire fancyboy one who wealth is estimated at a decillion or decillions (as of dollars).
-fancyboy usually loves dressing with the latest styles of fashion, driving in the hottest paint job on a 64' chevy with a pair of 23" Giovanni rims with low-profile tires.

- fancyboy usually dress in expensive cloths.
-fancyboy is touchy, thinking the looks are only for fancygirls to touch!!!!
-fancyboy makes money rain out the sky!!!!!

-fancyboy wears only black NIKE AIR MAX (lots of different kind)

-fancyboy keeps new wardrobes!!!!!
-fancyboy gets all the girls!!!
man, look at his car, n'all look at his clothes and shoes, man he gotta be a Fancyboy!!!!!!
by Neigungsohn July 25, 2009
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the most hottest sexiest guy that dresses and behaves in a manner that is ever so fancy and leaves you feeling mesmerized and feeling wanton!
Oh Fancy Boy.... I just think you are so hot!
by Blondie February 01, 2005
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-Fancyboys are sons of pimps
-fancyboys keeps their girls in plans to get money to better themselves
-fancyboys get girls to pay them
-fancyboys wears nice clothes and shoes to get everybody's attention
-fancyboys like the big inner cities with the neon lights shinning bright on the buildings
-fancyboys like to go clubbing to meet new people especially the girls
-fancyboys talk to fancygirls how they going to grow up and be procurers and procuresses
-fancyboys are educated especially in streetwise
-fancyboys loves videogames
-fancyboys loves to live like big tymers stunting to put on a show for people
-fancyboy are the fye of FYEs
-fancyboys loves to ride the airplanes and get on cruises
-fancyboy loves to get intoxicated and make everyone have fun
-fancyboy is just like his daddy the fancyman
say my man,why I see you with all these girls? Because I'm a Fancyboy!!!!!
by theoratinni August 16, 2009
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