Someone who wants to be loved, wanted, and showered with kisses.
Oh yeah, he’s a dandy. A real fancy boy!”
by Bobsacamano October 10, 2021
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A man who tries to cultivate an image of himself as being elegant and refined by wearing fancy, expensive clothes and using affected mannerisms. He's not stereotypically "manly", and often seems effete. In the past they were known as a fop or a dandy. Not the same thing as a metrosexual, but vaguely similar.
A sloppily-dressed man sees an elegantly-dressed man walk past.
Sloppy man, sarcastically: "Hey, fancy boy! Nice clothes!"
Fancy boy: "Oh please, you wish you looked this good."
by bstokes June 12, 2006
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Black Prostitutes from Barcelona term of affection for a man of gentility
Prostitute: Hey Boy, BJ for €10!
Man: No thank you
Prostitute: Why not?
Man: I just don't want one
Prostitute: Whats wrong with you, You are the fancy boy?
Man: Why thank you, yes I am a fancy boy
by Club Tropicana February 6, 2009
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the most hottest sexiest guy that dresses and behaves in a manner that is ever so fancy and leaves you feeling mesmerized and feeling wanton!
Oh Fancy Boy.... I just think you are so hot!
by Blondie February 2, 2005
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