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An evolved form of fangirl. She usually uses worse grammar and punctuation than normal fangirls, and she hates everyone that doesn't think her object of obsession is 'teh HAWT'. If she writes fanfiction, she goes out of her way to flame those who flamed her.
My inbox is filled with fanbrat responses to my flames!
by Cao December 23, 2004
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A fanbrat is an immature, childish person in fandoms; usually around fourteen or thirteen years old and largely female, the fanbrat bashes characters from anime, books or cartoons heavily.

They also seem to have loads of hatred for female characters for their personality traits, despite the fact that a male character has the same traits. They seem to forgive 'bishies' and provide no reason why they should forgive the male while they bash the female.

The fanbrats' activity can be disturbing sometimes: they threaten the character's life, they threaten a fan of the character, they refuse to listen to reason and they seem to think they can do whatever they want.

A common insult among them is 'slut', despite the fact that they have no proof that charcter they are bashing is sexually promiscuous in any way.

Despite the fact that these characters do not exist, the fanbrat lies about their personality as justification for hating them (see the Kagome definition).

"Even though there has been no proof that either of them are sexually active?"



--Conversation between fanbrat and fan
by Annoyed fan July 09, 2005
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One of the few things that make anime look really bad. Fanbrats are very immature cartoon fans that flame anyone who has a different opinion than them. Usually young girls, they usually go after male anime characters that have dark and troubled personalities ex. Sasuke from Naruto or Shadow from Sonic.
One of my YouTube videos "Pervy Hinata Comics" get spammed because fanbrats tell me I'm "defacing" Naruto by putting in some shippings they don't agree with.
by DemonWolfBlood September 16, 2008
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In Video Game fandom, a term used by older fans (usually between twenty-one and forty) to describe younger fans of video games, who they perceive as too immature to properly understand the game in question. Most often seen in japanese RPG fans, but anyone can make an accusation of being a fanbrat.
"You can't POSSIBLY understand how complex Sephiroth burning the town down is, why the fuck are you even playing a great, deep game like this? Go back to playing Halo, you fucking fanbrat. -.-;;;;"
by Yue Fairchild November 23, 2007
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