In general, fan service refers to scenes designed to excite or titillate the viewer. This can include scantily-clad outfits, cleavage shots, panty shots, nude scenes (shower scenes especially), etc. Some broader definitions also include things like cool mecha, big explosions, battle scenes, etc. Basically, if it has little plot-redeaming value, but makes the viewer sit up and take notice, it's probably fan service in one form or another.
In Evangelion, the episode preview for "Next time, service, service!"
by MoonKnight March 28, 2003
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The broader definition someone who has never heard this word might think of: Some stuff the producers of a show do to please the fanbase. This varies depending on the fanbase.

The darker and unholy definition (mostly in anime): Episodes in anime that diverge from the usual anime episodes in the sense that they're more... sexual... than normal.
Fan service can mean a lot of different things, but if you hear the term in anime fanbases, assume they mean the less holy stuff in an anime. I genuinely hate the anime fanbase if something like THIS counts as fan service.
by Silicosis9324 December 30, 2022
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it's about funny people dressed in clothes doing stuff that some other people like to see, frankly, i'm not really into it man but hey, whatever floats dawg!
by lalalalovesong March 11, 2005
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A rather disturbing phenomenon that seems to originate in the Japanese and the Korean media primarily, where two people act intimate towards each other for the media. Mostly men of the same boy bands etc, fan service could include touching, holding hands or giving an impression to the fans that they is something more going on.
Fan 1: Did you see the Korean boy band DBSK's performance yesterday?
Fan 2: the Yunjae fan service was nice*blushes*
Fan 1: fanservice?
Fan 2: Didn't you see Yunho and Jaejoong holding hands?
Fan 1: yea...
by maraudersgal March 11, 2010
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Choni aka Cheryl and Toni. Both known as characters on riverdale and in the Archie comics. “Choni” is a prime example of fan service. It was very rushed and the only reason it has a place in riverdale is because of the sick people who call themselves “Choni stans” harassed the riverdale writers. The writers were forced to make “choni” happen and even Vanessa Morgan (Toni Topaz) trashed Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (writer of riverdale) at the Archie panel for cutting “choni scenes”. Fan service is basically when the fans, cast, etc. is so aggressive towards the writers, they are forced to do as they wish because they don’t want to get cancelled.
“Did you see the deleted choni scenes? I’m so mad that they had deleted scenes!”
“They shouldn’t have ANY scenes! It’s total fan service!”
by chickennugslmao September 3, 2018
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Betty Cooper and Archie Andrews (aka barchie) from the shitty tv show riverdale. Only became canon (possibly) because of the psycho fans who harassed the writers to make it happen.
by Screwriverdale April 9, 2020
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