A anime that somehow makes people afterwards instantly depressed and into cum jokes.
Sam: Oh my god Evangelion is so sad, I am so depressed right now
Tony: Who the fuck cares Sam
by theons April 25, 2021
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A brainfucker of an anime.
26 episodes, produced by Gainax, started airing in 1996, directed by the god-like Hideaki Anno.

See also: Serial Experiments Lain, Brianfucker, and Freuidian.
Hahahaha toast and panties (ep. 26)....
by Hiro Protagonist February 17, 2004
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A basic explination is it's the anime version of an Ace in a deck of cards.To some people it's the greatest thing ever, whereas to others it's the worst. Theres very little inbetween. I am one of the people who think it's great.
Person 1: Have you seen that anime Evangelion it is Amazing!!!
Person 2: You honestly like that, Id rather chew through my own arm and then some!!!
by Heward69 July 20, 2004
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Neon Genesis Evangelion is a show which first aired on the 4th of October 1995. It was written by Hideaki Anno. The franchise consists of the 26 episode series and 4 movies- with the most recent one being released about a month ago.

The show is extremely difficult to understand plot wise, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy the characters and themes that fit within the show itself. The show is an amazing classic in the anime community and should not be thought of as less than that. When it comes to characters, evangelion does not fail when it comes to relating to a teenage boy jizzing on a german girl in a hospital. of course, this is not for everyone, but i assure you; there are some memorable characters such as Rei Ayanami- who is the face if most of the merch associated with the franchise. Unfortunately, the animation of evangelion is lacking. The original series is obviously very old and the animation is the same. This wasn't improved in the most recent movie (evangelion 3.0+1.0 thrice upon a time) the animation in the most recent movie was extremely bad. i dont mean the main animation- i mean the cgi. pardon my language; but it was absolute dogshit. my disabled grandma can animate better than that. nonetheless- the show ended on a well deserved note; with most (MOST) of the characters having a pretty happy ending. the concept of the show was extremely original for its time- and even inspired others such as darling in the franxx and others.
by Snoooob November 25, 2021
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The upcoming album for the best damn band ever, Behemoth.
Guy 1:Behemoth is releasing Evangelion in summer!!!

Guy 2: OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by sobesodawater April 19, 2009
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The best, most complex, but also EXTREMELY fucked up anime ever, sometimes leading viewers to depression and deep, deep confusion, as well as headaches from trying to figure out that f'ing show. It has the most beautiful animation, but is known for angering fans with it's inconclusive ending.
Evangelion is the reason I need rogain-I pulled out all of my hair watching End of Eva!

Man, last night, while I was watching Evangelion, I went into an epilptic seisure.
by YDLN March 27, 2004
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Neon Genesis Evangelion.

An 26 episode anime series released by Studio Gainax in the mid 1990's, and directed by Hideaki Anno.

The story depicts a world that has been all but destroyed by a disaster in the year 2000, and the ensuing chaos when a race called the "Angels" return to destroy what is left of mankind.

"Evangelion" also refers to the giant mecha used in the series as the primary weapon against the Angels.
by ChibiTaryn August 1, 2003
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