adjective originating from Fallowfield in South Manchester

used as a sarcastic synonym to the word 'edgy'

used to describe a member of the vast quantity of students who live in Fallowfield (specifically Owens Park) in there fresher year of university, each of which thinks they are 'unique' with there 'edgy' lifestyle (e.g. stripy flared trousers, pastel coloured hair with a short fringe, vibrant footwear)
2nd year 1: "Check her out... That girl is so fallow..."

2nd year 2: "I remember when I was a fresher"
by haxbyflat16 November 14, 2017
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Adj. Originally a term that means fields that are not being use for crops. Current usage means unproductive.
She's going through a fallow period.
by Rhiana October 8, 2007
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Isn't there suppose to be an a in following Ms.Woods isn't it fallowing
by loler69420 April 30, 2018
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Highly Intelligent being. Highly desirable mate.
I wish I was a Fallows.
by Tony johnson October 1, 2003
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(v.) To plow, but not to seed.
Plow, meaning to have sex
Seed, meaning the female egg and sperm joining.
"Shit man...good job I only fallowed her."

"Dude, I'd fallow that girl."

Man1: "What the fuck dude! I thought you were only going to fallow her! not make babies"
Man2: "shit man, I know. I got knocked up."
by zeppoleon September 23, 2007
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One with confidence issues who doubts themselves and purpose to the point of attempting to be a duplicate of their leader that they highly respect and admire.
Fallowers do anything to be like their leader they'll dress the same, act the same etc

Usually the kid that stands behind their leader and repeats what they say like an echo in most movies.
by XAmericaX25334 April 26, 2014
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What da adorably-cheeky Junkyard Mook's long-suffering main squeeze does when filming her bubbly-cheerful and silly-innocent antics at an auto-graveyard.
Kevin Brown, nearly taking a major stumble while looking at the camera's viewfinder instead of where he's stepping: Whuh - WOAH!
Junkyard Mook (cheekily): Walk much? You sure aren't very steady on your feet!
Kevin Brown: Yeah, I know --- I'm just FALLowing you around with the camera; I can't watch what's in front of me.
by QuacksO September 11, 2020
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