Unbelievable shithole in South Manchester where stoooodents dwell. Home to the legendary Gaff's off-licence and shit. And some top, medium and low quality kebab houses.
Fucking Fallowfield.
by Louseboy August 12, 2004
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see also scenester

A "Fallowfield Hillbilly" is a brand of scenester who particularly affiliate themselves to the 'emo' genre of music.

Such a person can be easily identified by their skinny jeans and crap pumps. They also have a tendency to wear 1 glove, and (supposed) lads may also wear eyeliner.

The phrase comes from the song Fallowfield Hillbilly by Manchester band The Courteeners, which is derived from the fact that the Fallowfield area of Manchester has a massively high incidence of such scenesters
"Why do you compensate for the fact that you're clearly oh so very silly, by mincing around my town like a Fallowfield Hillbilly"
by DllPckl March 28, 2007
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