When you don't have time to prepare a meal for the company coming over, so you buy takeout and pretend like it's homemade.
"I waited too late to start the stir fry, so I just ordered some from China Garden and put it in my own bowl. I got compliments all night, and had to give out a bogus recipe. It was a successful fakeout."
by misspelld March 10, 2010
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the definition is a good from far but far from good way of checking a person out.. when u think u see a hottie from far off until u get close and realize they aren't that great looking your left witha screwed up lok on your face going what happened! u totally faked me out!
bro i though that she was hot but it was a 10 ft fakeout!
by k_u May 7, 2007
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When a kid does not feel like doing his work in class so turns the sheet he is writing on over, writes a number to a problem down that is far past where he is originally, and writes fakeout on the top of the sheet.
The teacher never notices the word and congradulates the student for being so dilligent with his work.

Background: 1 of the swizzle brothers.
J Bizzle Swizzle pulled a fakeout yesterday in math class, Mrs. Cardontknowhowtoteach thought he really did his work.
by Swizz February 21, 2005
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When a girl is on her knees prepared to take your load she closes her eyes, and instead you turn around and shit in her mouth.
Ryan totally pulled a fakeout on your mom last night.
by Irv the Perv October 22, 2008
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That annual event in New England when the weather is so mild that, not only do you think of spring, you think it is around the corner. Usually followed by a foot of snow.
Olivia: OMG, Dad, it's SOOOO warm today...I think Spring is on it's way!

Dad: No, Munchie, it's the February Fakeout. Hand me the Ice Melt.
by Havana Julio February 17, 2011
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When you see the waiter/waitress walking toward your table with food that could potentially be yours but, he/she turns to the table next to yours and serves them performing a waiter fakeout
She was walking straight toward my table, my mouth started to water from the smell of the food. Then right when my excitement was reaching its highest point. She walked past to the table behind me committing the ultimate waiter fakeout
by Urban Dictionarytist March 1, 2015
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Maneuver by which a man who is performing doggystyle vaginal or anal intercourse pulls out at the brink of ejaculation and spits on the recipient's back, implying ejaculation. Subsequently, when the recipient turns to face the man, said man ejaculates on their face and/or other unexpected locales.
I did that bitch doggystyle, and then surprised her with a Philly fakeout!
by Brown Sugar March 19, 2003
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