Having or showing care and conscientiousness about dill.
Not to be confused with diligent.
Amy: Gotta make sure to be dilligent today!
Tom: Why, what does this have to do with herbs?
by Jooooooooo September 30, 2011
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a hard worker, someone who takes good care consciousness of their duties
Thomas works so hard. He is a dilligent man!
by May 20, 2022
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A Dillig is a miniature dildo used by adolescents that are exploring their sexuality.
Jordan was not sure If he could handle the full force of anal so he therefore experimented with a dillig in the steam room
by Dillig February 28, 2019
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When you stop your dog from doing something such as barking and they are just trying to do their Dog-Dilligence.
Don't stop the dog from doing his Dog-Dilligence.
by Officialtazer June 26, 2019
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