A tiny cute little person. Like a munchkin which is tiny, but even smaller and more adorable. Not many exist, hard to come across but are full of love and sweetness.
Hey did you see judy the munchie? She came by made the munchkins look like shit. Thats the first time i ever see a munchie in real life!
by teddybear666 February 25, 2011
Munchie is when you feel peckish or in other words hungry, Munchie can also mean I'm munchie which means you are saving an image of someone onto your smartphone using an application from the app world the smartphone is reccondmending you to use.
I'm munchie your friend, which means the person is saving a picture of someone on the their smartphone using an app.
by Seamy April 30, 2012
Cuteness, in the form of a male with a beard.
"Munchie, are you from Tennessee, because you're the only Ten I See"

"Wow... that guy is so munchie"

by alyssadork March 2, 2009
A person who eats a lot of food all the time or is always hungry
Omg every time i see her she is always so hungry: she's such a munchie!
by Nerdy_girl_808 April 18, 2016
The mean ass stoner girl who's always up for anything 100% savage all the time
by Nuggets4lyfe April 15, 2017
Gavin was chatting up everything with a vagina last night.
"yeah that cunt is a real Munchie"
by Bob S. Ledteam August 25, 2017
Munchie is a female name. She plays lots of sports and is good at everything she does. It’ll be good to have her as your friend. She is very understanding and knows how to make you smile. Munchie also has a very good sense of humor in her own unique way. Despite of her petite size, she has an amazing body and will go for any boy she sees.
Munchie’s EX: “But I still really like her”
Munchie’s FRIEND: “Then you should ask her out”
by whitegirl277 April 19, 2018